Domestic shifting

Packers and Movers for Domestic Relocation Services

Domestic relocation or domestic home shifting services can be used by both individuals and corporate houses for packing, picking and relocation of household goods and articles from one city to another city. Satvik packers and movers companies in India offer both local and domestic shifting and relocation services. But, local home shifting is considered to be less complicated because of shorter distance. However, domestic relocation is a little more complicated because of longer distance and hence, the movers and packers have to be really smart in packing and handling such relocation assignments.

When a corporate (employer) hire a relocation company then there is hardly anything to be concerned about because they usually have tie-ups with pre-screened and preferred movers and packers companies in different cities. Since the employers have already screened the movers, there is very think chance of anything going wrong. Right from taking quotations to sorting and finalizing a movers and packers for long distance relocation, the HR team is going to take care of everything.

However, when an individual have to find movers and packers for long distance domestic home shifting or relocation, they have to be a little cautious to ensure their precious household goods are packed, picked and delivered safe, sound and at cost-effective rates.

No matter, whether the payment will be done by the individual or the employer is going to reimburse the relocation bills, they still have to be sure about the quality of packing, safety of goods and overall home shifting experience.

And, that is no easy task, especially when the market is flooded with moving companies all around, and strangely enough all of them are boasting to be the best and number one long distance moving company.

You can’t really get it right by picking a moving company randomly. Ideally, you should be:

  • Making multiple searches to find some movers and packers companies
  • Take quotations for long distance moving from them
  • Do extensive screening of their offer and credentials
  • Negotiate and bargain for better rates
  • And then finally sign the contract for domestic shifting and relocation

Not easy you see. It’s going to be a hectic and tough task doing it all.

But there is no other way. Unless you compare a few of the moving companies and their quotations for interstate domestic shifting and relocation services, you can never be sure of the quality and the prices. When it’s about safe and hassle free home relocation at best rates, you can only rely on a professionally managed movers and packers company in town.

Hire trusted movers for domestic home relocation services in India

We know you have lots of questions and concerns regarding costs of shifting as well as safety of your home appliances. So how about getting an opportunity to compare rates and profiles of some of the best domestic relocation service providers in town? Yes. That’s how we empower you. We let you compare rates and charges of three of the best home shifting companies in town. Our services are available all of the major cities and towns in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Patna, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore and other cities.

Get started by submitting your domestic relocation requirements in the quotes request form. Within next 15 minutes or so, you will be contacted by three different domestic relocation companies near you. You can discuss the requirements, process of relocation, and costs of relocation independently and when you are ready, you can directly hire the service provider you like.

Since you are going to have three options, you can compare them all before taking a decision. Also when you have alternate options, you can negotiate hard and dominate the discussion. And finally, you get the sense of satisfaction because you are not hiring a mover for domestic shifting services randomly. Rather you have evaluated some of the best options and taken an informed decision.

You don’t even have to make a single call, we’ll make packers and movers companies to call you and impress you with their offers. All of this for free and within 15 minutes of submission of your requirements. Amazing, isn’t it?

Still unsure about the process and how to get it right? Check this post on how to do domestic home shifting in India without any hassle.

How to estimate packers and movers charges for domestic shifting in India

Domestic relocation services are widely available across India and this is one of the most popular services among all other services that the packers and movers companies offer in India. So if you want to shift your household goods from major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai or Ahmedabad, you have plenty of choices. There are some really well placed domestic relocation service providers in these cities. But when you want to hire one of them, it’s going to be a little complicated because most of the searches that you make will result in contact numbers and address of domestic movers and packers. None of those listings will provide you the vital substantial information that you need before taking a call.

As I said, interstate domestic relocation is way more complicated than a local house shifting because of the distance. In case of long distance household shifting, everything has to be packed quite carefully using good quality packing materials and with proper cushioning and techniques.

Loading and unloading should also be done carefully to ensure that your goods do not get damaged in transit. Only a professional team of packers and movers, with adequate expertise in handling interstate domestic relocation can handle it all carefully, and therefore can ensure your goods are packed, picked, transported and delivered safely and on time.

How to find the best movers and packers in town for domestic shifting?

Now, that you know that you have to find the best moving team to handle your domestic shifting requirements, the bigger and important question is how do you find them? How would you distinguish between an average moving company and a specialist that can help you with interstate and long distance domestic goods shifting?

Here’s what you should do to find the best movers and packers for domestic shifting:

Start by searching for movers and packers company in your city. You can simply phrase your search query like ‘packers and movers for domestic shifting in Delhi’, assuming you want to move from Delhi. You will get many results, look at a few of the websites and see if they have branch at the destination where you are moving to. So if you are moving from Delhi to Kolkata, ideally, you should talk to moving companies that have branches at both the locations.

Once you have found two or three companies, contact them and share your requirements in email. Ask them to send a tentative quote and then invite them to do a pre-move survey.

Meet one-on-one with them at your home, check their papers and documents and judge them based on all the parameters, including (but not limited to):

  • The rates and charges for overall shifting services
  • Their credentials like license, registration etc
  • Quality of packing e.g. single layer, multi layer, crate packing for delicate items etc
  • Anticipated delivery time
  • Value added services like free storage for couple of days, unpacking, re-arranging etc
  • Approach and professionalism and promptness in responding to your questions

And of course based on overall assessment, you should be able to find a winning team.

How to estimate charges for domestic shifting in India?

The best and most favored way to estimates charges of movers and packers for domestic shifting in India is to request the most accurate quotes from the moving companies itself. You can use this platform get non-binding and obligation quotes from three of the leading moving companies near you. But, if you just want to know about the various costs heads that is considered by the moving companies to estimate rates and charges for domestic shifting, then take a look at the following costs heads first.

  • Cost of packing materials
  • Packing and handling charges (loading, unloading etc)
  • Insurance charges
  • Transportation charges
  • Value added services (optional)
  • Applicable taxes (GST, octroi, toll tax etc)

Based on the volume of goods, distance, worth of insurance etc, the movers and packers charges can be estimates. To give you a ballpark idea of moving service charges, domestic shifting services start from as low as Rs. 8000.00 and it can go above Rs. 30000.00 or more for a fully furnished 4 BHK long distance relocation.

The thing is rates of moving companies are not fixed. But you can always find the most competent, equipped and relevant moving companies at right price. It’s just that you have to check a few of the options; compare quotations and then choose a company that suits your shifting requirements and relocation budget.

How to save money on domestic shifting services?

As you know, the complications of domestic home shifting can’t be handled all alone. It’s always better to leave it to the experts. Because, the movers and packers have got all the expertise and resources that it takes to pack and transport all types of household gods safe and sound.

Therefore, using relocation services offered by moving companies make sense. But, there is a cost involved. And honestly speaking, there are many who assume that using movers and packers services are going to be a costly affair. But the fact is, if you plan your long distance shifting a little smartly, you can actually save money on domestic shifting services.

Here’re a few of the quick and simple tips that’ll help you to save money on domestic shifting.

  • Always compare rates from multiple movers, so that you get fair idea of tentative moving costs.
  • Bargain with the movers by offering them flexibility of time, that way they can accommodate your goods with other consignments or schedule it for days when the mover is not so busy.
  • Sort the inventory and get rid of items that are not in good shape and you have not used since long.
  • When possible, use the original packing boxes for home appliances, you can save on pacing materials charges.
  • Look for free moving size boxes, you can easily get a few from the local grocery store and save on packing material fees.
  • You can also use old newspapers and other thin clothes like bed cover etc and wrap it around home appliances for extra cushioning.
  • Avoid taking value added services like free storage, unpacking, re-arranging and other such services.
  • Do partial packing of things that is not fragile on your own.

It’s totally a misconception that movers and packers services are going to be costly. If you look at it, apart from the packing and transportation charges, movers are only charging for labor that you anyway have to pay, whether you do it through movers or on your own.

FAQ about domestic relocation and shifting services

Based on our interaction via live chat with thousands of customers, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about domestic shifting services. Take a look and see if you too have a question about domestic home relocation and shifting services.

What are the normal charges of packers and movers companies?

Charges of packers and movers depend on specific service that you need. If you are looking for local shifting charges, then it starts from Rs. 3,500 and it can go up to Rs. 10, 500 or even more at times. Normal charges of packers and movers for interstate shifting starts from Rs. 9,500 and it can go up based on the distance and size of the move.

What may affect the cost of home shifting?

Home shifting costs primarily includes packing charges, manpower and handling charges, transportation, insurance and applicable taxes. Packing and handling charges directly depends on the size of the move. So, bigger the house and more the items, packing and handling charges will be more. Similarly, when the distance will be longer, the transportation charges are going to be more and vice-versa. So primarily, volume of items, distance between both the places, type of packing materials, quality of packing, and worth of insurance required, applicable taxes and credential of the moving can be the major factors that affects the cost of home shifting.

What are the standard packing charges?

A good quality packing for 1 BHK house may cost you around Rs. 1500-2000. So if you plan to move a fully furnished 3 BHK house, the packing charges will come around Rs. 4500 to Rs. 6000. And by good quality packing I mean, multi layer packing, with proper cushioning and waterproofing for extra safety of household goods and appliances like fridge, washing machine etc.

Can I pack myself or I should ask the movers to do the packing?

Of course you can pack your goods on your own. But, you should not, unless you are sure of what you are doing. Unless you have all the original boxes and packing materials, you should not try packing on your own. Firstly, you won’t be able to match the quality of packing done by a professional movers and packers team. And secondly, if anything goes wrong, the movers won’t take the responsibility for he can easily blame poor quality packing by you. And, I am sure; you don’t want to get caught in such situation.

What precautions one should take when hiring movers for domestic shifting?

Movers and packers companies are normally good and they intend to ensure safe and secured transportation of goods. But, still, there are some companies who won’t own the responsibility and run away from accountability. Usually, these are smaller one man moving companies with limited resource. While hiring movers for domestic shifting, you should be a little cautious and pay attention to everything. Right from checking all the legal documents, to checking online reviews, visiting their office and asking for ref, you should do everything possible to safeguard your interest.

And if you have any other question or you are getting ready for an upcoming long distance home shifting to another state, then feel free to call us on 08839946081 We’ll be happy to answer your queries and help you get best price offers for interstate domestic shifting in India.